Introducing the “Free Online Midjourney Prompts Generator”! This will help you create exacting prompts for Midjourney, the formidable text-to-image generation app available on Discord. Our Midjourney prompt generator is powered by ChatGPT from OpenAI to create the logical prompts from your selections in the tool below.

Some things to consider when using Midjourney

  • Midjourney can only create new images, All Image references will be changed in some way
  • Midjourney is a creator, not an editor
  • Midjourney can’t copy or edit your photos or images
  • Midjourney can’t copy a person’s face and create a perfect likeness
  • Midjourney can’t apply style filters to images [without changing the image]
  • Midjourney can’t change background but keep subject unchanged
  • Midjourney can’t copy and paste from one image reference to another

Why Midjourney ? Why use the Prompts Generator?

You can Reference Images, Remix, Describe Images you provide, Create Stylized Selfies and more. You can find the Prompt FAQ within the Discord Server for Midjourney

Our Prompt Generator gives you a head start in constructing logical prompts to instruct Midjourney to create the right AI Images for you. Once you are more familiar with Midjourney and the constructs of the prompts ( See FAQ Above ) then you will start to become more proficient.

Try out the Online free Midjourney Prompts Generator and discover the creativity of creating and manipulating images through prompts using Midjourney. You will need a Discord account and to connect to the Midjourney Server to access the service.