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Big Tech Giants Offer Free Generative AI Courses to Boost Skills Worldwide


Leading companies such as Google, AWS, Microsoft, and Infosys have launched free generative AI courses to help individuals worldwide enhance their skills and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence. These courses cover a wide range of topics and provide comprehensive training, empowering learners to apply AI knowledge in their workplaces.

Microsoft’s AI Skills Initiative:

Microsoft’s AI Skills Initiative offers free courses developed in collaboration with LinkedIn, including the first-ever Professional Certificate on Generative AI. The initiative also includes the Generative AI Skills Grant Challenge, an open global grant challenge in partnership with data.org. Increased access to free digital learning events and resources further enhances individuals’ understanding and proficiency in AI.

Google’s Generative AI Learning Path:

Google’s generative AI learning path comprises ten courses that aim to enhance individuals’ comprehension of AI and machine learning principles. From introductory courses on generative AI and responsible AI to specialized topics like image generation and large language models, Google provides a comprehensive learning experience.

AWS and DeepLearning.AI’s Course on Coursera:

AWS, in partnership with Andrew Ng’s DeepLearning.AI, offers a course on Coursera called “Generative AI with Large Language Models.” Participants gain extensive knowledge of the generative AI lifecycle, focusing on Language Models (LLMs) and their transformative architecture. The course enables learners to understand LLM intricacies, select appropriate models, and employ effective training techniques.

Infosys’ Collaboration with Skillsoft:

Infosys collaborates with Skillsoft to provide free access to a rich repository of learning content through Infosys Springboard. Learners can access basic to advanced courses covering digital transformation, AI and ML, data science, cloud, cybersecurity, and effective communication. The content is available in multiple languages, including regional Indian languages.

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Brief Summary:

TitleBig Tech Giants Offer Free Generative AI Courses to Boost Skills Worldwide
IntroductionLeading companies are providing free generative AI courses to enhance skills and apply AI knowledge in workplaces.
Microsoft’s AI Skills InitiativeCollaboration with LinkedIn, offering Professional Certificate on Generative AI, increased access to resources.
Google’s Generative AI Learning PathTen courses covering AI and ML principles, from introductory to specialized topics.
AWS and DeepLearning.AI’s Course on CourseraCourse on “Generative AI with Large Language Models,” understanding LLMs and effective training techniques.
Infosys’ Collaboration with SkillsoftFree access to learning content through Infosys Springboard in multiple languages.
Final ThoughtsThe courses offered empower individuals to thrive in the AI field, contributing to personal growth and industry advancement.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, these free courses provide individuals with invaluable opportunities to upskill and stay competitive in the job market. The availability of generative AI courses not only enhances personal growth but also fuels innovation and advancement within organizations. As technology continues to evolve, continuous learning and adaptation to the changing AI landscape remain crucial. By taking advantage of these free courses, individuals can acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the AI-driven world, contributing to their personal success and the broader development of the industry.

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