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NVIDIA and Microsoft Join Forces to Bring Generative AI to Windows 11 PCs and Workstations

NVIDIA and Microsoft Join Forces to Bring Generative AI to Windows 11 PCs and Workstations

NVIDIA and Microsoft have announced a joint effort to introduce advancements in Windows 11 PCs and workstations with NVIDIA RTX GPUs to support Generative AI, drastically revolutionizing technology by providing powerful tools for developers to work with. 

Already, over 400 Windows apps and games utilize AI technology to accelerate their performance. With Tensor Cores on RTX GPUs, the inference performance of AI models can improve, resulting in low-power inferencing on the RTX GPUs. 

Empowering Developers to Build Next-Generation Apps 

This new update empowers developers to build the next generation of Windows applications with generative AI at their core. Locally fine-tuning AI models is now possible due to large memory space of up to 48GB RAM in desktop workstations, which was previously limited to being available on servers. 

The NVIDIA AI Software Stack and WSL 

NVIDIA has been working closely with Microsoft to provide GPU acceleration and support for the entire NVIDIA AI software stack inside Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). WSL allows Windows to run Linux directly on the operating system. 

With such a capability, NVIDIA and Microsoft are collaborating to unlock the potential of generative AI on Windows 11 PCs and workstations. 

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This partnership between NVIDIA and Microsoft represents a significant development in the field of generative AI, which will bring new possibilities while unleashing a new era of computing for productivity, entertainment, gaming, and more. This joint effort is sure to further revolutionize technology in the coming years by introducing powerful tools for developers to create innovative Windows applications with advanced AI models.

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